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God is One and Jesus is not God

Response to objections: Is Jesus God

Original sin does not exist and Jesus did not die for sins

Was Jesus Christ really crucified?

Response to objections: Was Jesus crucified?

Paul vs. Old Testament

Paul vs. Jesus

Paul under the microscope

Jesus is a Muslim

Response to objections: Is Jesus really a Muslim?

Jesus predicted Muhammad ﷺ

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in 1 John 4

Who is “The Prophet”?

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in the Bible

Other books prove Islam

Gospel of Barnabas

Reliability of Gospel of Barnabas [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10]

Jesus and Mary in Islam

Muhammad ﷺ in the Bible?

Explanations of several prophecies by former Roman Catholic Bishop of the Uniate Chaldean:

Baptizing with the Holy Ghost and with Fire

The Least in the Kingdom of Heaven

Blessed Are the Peacemakers


Revelation to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ


Judaism (Also relevant for Christians)

Isaiah 42 describes Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Bible and the state of Israel

Islam shall unite ye all

A Prophet like Moses

Responses to objections: A Prophet like Moses [1][2]

Islamic fasting prophesied in the Bible

Pilgrimage to Makkah and standing on mount Arafat

Pilgrimage of Ezekiel

Conquest of Makkah by Muslims in the Bible

Isaiah 21: Isaiah’s vision about Muhammad ﷺ and Jesus

Isaiah 29: The unlettered Prophet

Response to Objections: The unlettered Prophet

Isaiah 7:14 describes Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in songs of Solomon

Lost tribes of Israel: Afghanistan and Kashmir

The last Prophet is a Gentile

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in Isaiah 1 – Isaiah 2 – Isaiah 3

Explanations of several prophecies by former Roman Catholic Bishop of the Uniate Chaldean:

Prefatory Remarks, Allah And His Attributes “And The Ahmed Of All Nations Will Come.” – Haggai, 2:7

The Question Of The Birthright And The Covenant

The Mystery Of The “Mispa”

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Is The “Shiloh”

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ And The Emperor Constantine

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Is The Son-Of-Man

King David Calls Him: “My Lord”

The Lord And The Prophet Of The Covenant

Genuine Prophets Preach Only Islam

Islam Is The Kingdom Of God On Earth

More by another former non-Muslim scholar:

Both Ishmael and Isaac Were Blessed

Criterion of the Prophet by Jeremiah

Until Shiloh Come

Baca Is Makkah

The House of My Glory

Chariot of Asses and Chariot of Camels

My Servant, Messenger and Elect



Read the Qur’an

Miracles of the Qur’an

Another great site regarding miracles

Women in the Qur’an

Another site regarding women that answers your concerns

Lies against Qur’an refuted

Lies against Prophet Muhammad ﷺ refuted

Did Prophet Issa عليه السلام die according to the Qur’an? Irrefutable evidences for Hadith rejecters!

An email to a Mirzai website about Syyedna Issa عليه السلام Addresses the ‘no virgin birth’ theory!

Syyedna Issa عليه السلام in Hadith Evidences for those who cry metaphor!

Mirzai lies about death of Syyedna Issa عليه السلام

Cultist arguments about Syyedna Issa’s عليه السلام death refuted

Does Islam endorse the Bible?

Grave worship through metaphors – A must read for grave worshippers and those who say Ya Rasool Allah/Ya Ali.

Is Qur’an literal or metaphor?

Response to Swami Dayanand from Arya Samaj It was alleged that no one has ever responded to his book. Here it is now!

Terrorism lie busted



One God with no image and no idol worship

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in Vedas

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in Puranas

Chapter 12 of Kalki-Purana

Responses to objections:

1. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in Bhavishya Purana – A refutation of outrageous Hindu claims

2. Is Muhammad ﷺ predicted in Hindu scriptures

3. M.N. Anderson’s article “Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in Hindu scriptures?”

4. Muhammad ﷺ is not predicted in Hindu scriptures

5. Is Prophet Muhammad ﷺ prophesied as an evil man?

6. Answering Swami Dayanand of Arya Samaj



Buddha Maitreya = Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Responses to objections:

Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3



One God and Prophet Muhammad ﷺ prophesied

Responses to objections

“Was Muhammad ﷺ foretold in Parsi scriptures?”



Concept of God

May God Almighty guide us all to the straight path. Aameen.