Does the Gospel of barnabas contradict itself?

A few contradictions have been alleged in the following link:


The article states the following:

Jesus predicts his death In chapter 193 the GoB tells its version of Jesus raising his friend Lazarus from the dead. In about the middle of the chapter we read: Jesus having come to the sepulchre, where every one was weeping, said: ‘Weep not, for Lazarus sleeps, and I am come to awake him.’ The Pharisees said among themselves: ‘Would to God that you did so sleep!’ Then Jesus said: ‘Mine hour is not yet come; but when it shall come I shall sleep in LIKE MANNER, and shall be speedily awakened.’ Then Jesus said again: ‘Take away the stone from the sepulchre.’ In other words, Jesus says that, just like Lazarus, “he will die and after a few days be raised again from the dead.”

How can Jesus predict this of himself when later in the ‘Gospel of Barnabas’ (chapter 216 & 217) it is Judas who is arrested and crucified in his place?

Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) will die when he will return to earth. He mentions earlier in the Gospel of Barnabas that he would not die until near the end of the world. The writer of the alleged contradiction could not have missed it.


Jesus (peace be upon him) said to his mother:

 Jesus replied, embracing his mother: ‘Believe me, mother, for truly I say to you that I have not been dead at all; for God has reserved me till near the end of the world.’  

Such a statement had also been mentioned by Jesus (peace be upon him) much earlier and more than once. Near the end of the world, he would die and would wake up soon on the Day of Judgment. Looking at things out of context is foolish, dangerous and deceiving.



2 responses to “Does the Gospel of barnabas contradict itself?

  1. Assalamu Alaikum

    We should be careful, what if he book really got written after the Qur’an, then it would be like as if we are believing in another “Revelation”. Be careful brothers!


  2. Wa’alaykumusSalaam,

    Your concern is very thoughtful but we must make our position very clear. We do not believe that the Gospel of Barnabas is the real Injeel or even a divinr book. We simply say that it is a man made book but a first hand account of the life and work of Prophet Issa (a.s) (latinized to Jesus) written by his own disciple Barnabas.

    The evidences reject the false claim that it was written after the coming of the last Prophet namely Muhammad (s.A.a.w).

    The Gospel of Barnabas was written a little after the departure of Prophet Issa (a.s) by his disciple and it is not a God sent book just like all other gospels present today.

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