Buddhist objections (part 2)

Buddhist: Leader, Master of Angels and Mortals

Muhammad was leader of a clan of tribes at medina who willed to adopt Islam. Calling him master of angels and mortals is like committing blasphemy against Islam or going against the Qur’an.

The Qur’an says the following:

Then are they (humans) sent back to Allah, their Master, the True one; now surely His is the judgment and He is swiftest in taking account.

And the Egyptian who bought him said to his wife: Give him an honorable abode, maybe he will be useful to us, or we may adopt him as a son. And thus did We establish Yusuf in the land and that We might teach him the interpretation of sayings; and Allah is the master of His affair, but most people do not know.

Master of the Day of Judgment.(Allah)

Muslim: Leader
You also agree, no problem with this one.

Master of angels and mortals

The verses you quoted above by no means prove anything. They show that Allah is the master of the people. You have no knowledge about the position of angels in Islam. Angels have no free will and obey the orders given to them by God. Prophets are messengers of God, so if a Prophet wants help in his mission, angels help them by the will of God.

The Qur’an also mentions many a times that Allah is the creator and the master of Angels, Men, Jinns, etc. Now Muhammad was not a master to angels or are we supposed to assume that he was a partner of Allah? Muhammad was not the master of mortals. There are nearly 4.5 billion kuffars on this earth. The Qur’an claims Muhammad to be just a messenger of GOD and told Muhammad not to interfere in affairs of men as control is with ALLAH.

God is the master of all people but if the athiests don’t believe in God, then does that mean that God is no longer the master?
NO. Even if you don’t believe in your master, he still is your master and you will find that out after death.

Buddhist: Good and Evil

Islam -What God loves is good. What god hates is evil. God created evil.

Buddhism-Good and Evil are illusory categorizations of phenomena based upon the human predilection for passion, aggression, and ignorance. The correct and desirable values are clarity and appropriateness to context.

Muslim: Muslims agree with the Buddhist concept as well. One can believe in both concepts, accepting one concept does not make the other one wrong. God did not create evil, God created everything and Satan works for evil, God has allowed him this till the last day.

Buddhist: The existence and nature of God

Islam – God is one being. He created the universe. He is

He will judge the world, reward the good, and punish the evil. One must believe in ALLAH and his messengers and go to Hajj and offer salat.

Buddha maintained ‘noble silence’ on the question of the existence of ‘God’. Buddha said the question was immaterial to his simple teachings on the roots of anquish and how to end it. Furthurmore, speculation on such a subject was a waste of time.

Muslim: No answer does not mean no God. That religion was meant for those people for that time, they couldn’t have understood God, so Buddha didn’t give them too much information and he himself says that the last Buddha will come and tell you abou many things. Now that He has come, you must accept Him.

Buddhist: Buddhism-Several..schools of Buddhism, particularly the Tibetan schools, have as part of their dogma…dieties..gods and goddesses. These refer to any being who is higher spiritually or materially than an ordinary human being (bodhisatva or an arhat)and should not to be confused with the general conception in theistic religions of omnipotent power..God, Jehovah, Allah

Muslim: Talk about the original Buddhist book, don’t bring man made concepts in the discussion.

Buddhist: Salvation
islam-Submit utterly and completely to the will of God and trust utterly and completely in His Will. Take the writings of Muhammed as absolute guidance to correct moral action. Your reward will be an eternal life of God-induced bliss. The reward is admission to heaven with 72 virgins and fruits and rivers of wine.

buddhism– Salvation is liberation from enslavement to the cycle of passion, aggression and ignorance. The means to this end is naked confrontation of the bare phenomenological facts of your existence. The obstacle is the human tendency to distraction in terms of passion, aggression, and ignorance. The correct response is practice at remaining clear (meditation). The reward is the capacity to see clearly and choose appropriately in any situation, thus being liberated from the domination of passion, aggression, and ignorance.

Muslim: You said that in Islam Submit utterly and completely to the will of God and trust utterly and completely in His Will but forgot to mention about what is the will of God in Islam, it is the same will that Buddha taught. Maybe you don’t know the will of God in Islam. Read this, you will know.

Your explanation about islam is incomplete and out of context on many occasions.

Buddhist: When I give a bread loaf to a poor man and say, “this has been given to you by me as a mercy for the poor”. This means, out of my mercy I gave the poor the loaf for them to eat. It does not mean the loaf of bread is merciful. Furthermore if you reject what I give you and then I decide to punish you, that is the sign that I am vengeful psychopath and not a merciful person

Muslim: This is your own incorrect interpretation. Buddha never taught such incorrect imaginations. If you give me a bread and for not thanking you, you punish men does not mean that you are a vengeful, merciless person. The one who created does not punish anyone uselessly.

If we take your interpretation, then the whole world would be thankless and there would be no concept of manners. God is not cruel to anyone. God has given us a path and by not following that path, we are being cruel to ourselves.

Whichever way you translate it, the meaning behind does not change. Prophet Muhammad pbuh’s name Muhammad and Ahmed have these meanings.

Buddhist: Buddha’s doctrine was Esoteric and Exoteric:

According to the Sacred Books of the East, volume 11, pg. 36 Maha-Parinibbana Sutta chapter 2 verse 32:

“I have preached the truth without making any distinction between exoteric and esoteric doctrine, for in respect of truths, Ananda, the Tathagata has no such thing as the closed fist of a teacher, who keeps something back”.

Muhammad (pbuh) on the commandment of Almighty God delivered the message and doctrine without making any distinction between esoteric and exoteric. The Qur’an was recited in public in the days of the Prophet and is being done so till date. The Prophet had strictly forbidden the Muslims from hiding the doctrine.

Muslim: Very funny, read again and read again the other translation you yourself gave. This shows that Buddha and Muhammad pbuh adopted the same style of preaching. This shows that you are copy/pasting without reading.

Buddhist: So, the hiding or not hiding factor does not hold good for Muhammad, because he intentionally wanted to pose himself as a messenger of God and so he did not hide. Whereas Buddha never claimed to be a messenger of God. He wanted his Dharma to be visible so that people who wanted to escape misery can adopt his teachings.

Muslim: You are not quoting many Hadith that should be quoted maybe because you have never heard of them as you are only copy/pasting from sites without reading.

God ordered that whatever has been revealed should not be kept secret but what God has taught Muhammad pbuh to not be told is kept secret and many many things are known only to God, for example, if you read Quran, no one except God knows the time of the day of judgement, no one knows about his life, death. Muhammad pbuh gave only the part that the people should know and that was the law given to people by God but what should not be told is not told and only God knows about all this.

This proves that the Buddha promised by Buddha is Muhammad pbuh and no one else.


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