Hamas man wearing zionist star!

Extremist Muslim man wearing Zionist star or a Zionist man posing as a Muslim extremist? You decide!

Hamas man wearing star of David? Read the article here.

Terrorism is a common allegation thrown at Islam and Muslims and ignorant Muslims become a victim of it. Ignorant Muslims reply with comments such as “All terrorists are Muslims but all Muslims are not terrorists”. This is a poor and an ignorant claim as this page shall prove.

 Allegations against scriptural terrorism have been refuted under the section “Islam” on the main page.

During protest rallies and demonstrations, we see some shocking slogans and cards being carried by the Muslims. Please see this article with clear pictures that proves the reality behind such slogans. This clearly explains signs such as “God bless Hitler”. Another similar recent finding in such a matter reveals the same thing.

9/11: Everyone knows this by now. This does not require a section on Afghanistan as this lie automatically covers the atrocities in Afghanistan. A war based on a lie is never justified.

Many however don’t know about the Madrid bombings and 7/7 London bombings. These links with clear pictures are conclusive. Please check them out!

Some question as to why such reports are not to be seen in the mainstream media? Well… this link answers your question. This is just one example out of thousands but it conveys the message.

Terrorism in Africa is one that is completely ignored. Close to a million people died (not due to hunger, that is another issue). The media paid no attention to it. They were more concerned with Anna Nicole Smith! African situation (million people killed) received 20% coverage compared to Anna Nicole Smith’s death (one person’s death).

Situation in Iraq is one that has many Muslims troubled due to other reasons. When outsiders attack, it hurts but when one sees own people killing their own, then one receives the greatest blow. Such acts are very saddening but again the reality is different in this situation as well.

These links are a must read [1][2][3][4][5].

Muslims should stop being apologetic when it comes to Iraq. Muslims say that not all Muslims are terrorists and that the doings of a few Muslims should not be blamed on all the Muslims. The reality is much different from what is believed. They plant bombs under cars when they are parked and then detonate the bombs when the cars enter a crowded area.

Recently it came to the surface that the invaders were paying the newspapers to print news as per their liking. Does it need any more explanation?

Note to non-Muslims: Do you still think you are on the right path? Do you think God loves you even after what you are doing? Do you think you are going to heaven with free salvation? (Do nothing, go to heaven!)

Why are you waiting for Jesus to come?

We are the ones who need him and he will come to save us.

You shall certainly be tried and tested in your possessions and in your personal selves; and you shall certainly Hear much that will grieve you, from those who received the Book before you (Jews and Christians) and from those who worship many gods. But if you persevere patiently, and guard against evil, then that will be a determining factor in all affairs. (Qur’an 3:186)


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