View of Sahaaba and scholars of the past

The following are from Harun Yahya.


-Referring to Qur’an 3:46, Ibn Zayd said: “Issa (pbuh) spoke to people while he was still in the cradle. When he kills the Antichrist, he will speak to people as an adult.”107

-’Abdullah ibn ‘Abbas said about Qur’an 4:159: “This verse is proof that Issa (pbuh), son of Mary, will appear … All of the People of the Book will believe in him before his death.”108

-Muhammad ibn ‘Ali Abi Talib (also known as Ibn Hanafiyya), explained Qur’an 4:159 in these terms: “He will descend before the Day of Judgment. All Jews and Christians will believe in him.”109

-Qatada expounded on the same verse, as follows: “When Issa (pbuh) descends, all religions will believe in him and he will bear witness for them on the Day of Judgment.”110

He stated about Qur’an 43:61 thus: “The appearance of Issa (pbuh) is an indication of the Day of Judgment.”111

-In explaining Qur’an 4:159, Abu Muhammad al-Madani said: “When Issa (pbuh) descends to Earth, he will slay the Antichrist, and no Jew who does not believe in him will be left on Earth.”112

-Al-Hakam ibn ‘Amr al-Ghifari explained Qur’an 4:159 in the following words: “At the moment when Issa (pbuh) son of Mary descends, all of the People of the Book will believe in him.”113

-Al-Hasan al-Basri made the following comment: “I swear to Allah that Issa (pbuh) is at this moment alive in Allah’s presence, and that everyone will believe in him when he returns.” With regard to Qur’an 4:159, he said: “Allah raised Issa (pbuh) to His presence. He will send him before the Day of Judgment as a holder of rank. Good and bad, all will believe in him.”

He also made a similar comment regarding Qur’an 43:61, saying that the meaning of the verse was that Issa (pbuh) would return to Earth.115

-On the same subject, Ibn ‘Abbas said: “In Qur’an 43:61, Allah indicates that Issa (pbuh) will appear before the Day of Judgment.”116


View of scholars of the past


Imam Abu Hanifa is the greatest collector of Hadith on Issa’ second coming. In the final part of his Al-Fiqh al-Akbar, he states:


The emergence of the Dajjal and of Gog and Magog is a reality; the rising of the sun in the West is a reality; the descent of Issa, upon whom be peace, from the heavens is a reality; and all the other signs of the Day of Resurrection, as contained in authentic traditions, are also established realities.



Imam al-Safarini expresses that Islamic scholars agree upon this issue:


The entire ummah (Muslim community) has agreed on the issue that Prophet Issa (peace be upon him), the son of Maryam, will return. There is no one from the people who follow Muslim laws who oppose this issue.



The great Islamic scholar Ibne Kathir states his views after commenting on the related verses and explaining the related Hadith:


These are narrated from the Messenger of Allah as mutawatir and in these Hadith, there are explanations regarding how and where Prophet Issa (peace be upon him) will appear…The authentic and mutawatir Hadith about Prophet Issa’ (peace be upon him) return to Earth in his noble body is immune to any opposing interpretations. Consequently, everyone with the smallest speck of faith and fairness has to believe in Prophet Issa’ (peace be upon him) second coming; only those who oppose to Allah’s Book, His Messenger and Ahl al-Sunnah may deny Prophet Issa’ (peace be upon him) second coming to Earth.




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