This is another article on this site on Prophet Issa (peace be upon him) and this one focuses on the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (may upon him be mercy of Allah and peace), known as Hadith, unlike the previous one which focused only on the word of God Almighty (Qur’an). Other than Muslims, the previous article was meant mainly for Ahmadis (Mirzais, Qadianis), Parvezis and Ghamidis but especially for Parvezis who reject Hadith altogether. This one focuses more on those who claim that the sayings relating to Prophet Issa (peace be upon him) are metaphorical.


For my points (Muslim) majority of the references are from Bukhari and Muslim whereas accurate explanations to Sahih Hadith from other books shall also be provided in other parts (if argued upon by the deniers). Relying on weak narrations is the job of the hypocrites which you shall see later on.


Before we continue, let me bring to the attention of the readers that Mirzais argue that there are two Messiahs which Muslims reject completely. There is no Messiah other than Prophet Issa (peace be upon him) son of Lady Marium as proven in other parts of the article.



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