The following article receives its points and material mainly from discussions and dialogues I had with a few people who claim to be Muslim but do not hold orthodox views. If you, the reader, feel that any point has been missed or is not explained very well or clearly, then please let me know about it. Insha’Allah (God Almighty willing), the article will be updated according to the suggestions. 

The aim of this article is to refute those who claim to be Muslim and say that Issa (peace be upon him) had died. “Where there is Messiah, there is Dajjal”. Anti-Islamic ones from Christian missionaries have also put up this argument on their sites and it only shows their desperation to prove Islam wrong in any way they could. They do not leave any opportunity to malign Islam. The people who make such a baseless argument have two theories relating to this matter. One group claims that Issa (peace be upon him) died on the cross or just before that due to natural causes and the other group argues that Issa (peace be upon him) had survived the cross and went to Kashmir where he died at an old age. 

The ones who make the second argument make up proofs themselves. No neutral person in history has ever made such baseless claims. However, the Qur’an will be used as the criteria, in this article, when refuting such claims. Hadith rejecters will not be debated about their beliefs but will be provided evidences from the Qur’an which they cannot deny. Any mentioning of Hadith in the article is due to the ‘claimants of death theory’ bringing it up.

Normally it is the claimants who are on the attack and the Muslims giving explanations. This article will deal with such attacks with the Muslim ‘point of view’ first, following refutations to criticism of those points and then refutations to the unorthodox and ‘never heard of’ points. When simple refutations are made while in a defensive position, other parts or verses are often ignored and these verses are as important or even more important.


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