Arguments of proponents of death

Qur’an 3: 8. HE it is who has sent down to thee the Book; in it there are verses that are firm and decisive in meaning – they are the basis of the Book – and there are others that are susceptible of different interpretations. But those in whose hearts is perversity pursue such thereof as are susceptible of different interpretations, seeking to cause discord and seeking wrong interpretations of it. And none knows it except ALLAH and those who are firmly grounded in knowledge; they say, `We believe in it; the whole is from our Lord.’ – And none take heed except those gifted with understanding –

This verse speaks of the verses that are unknown to anyone but Allah Almighty and these verses are as follows:

Alif Laam Meem – Haa Meem – Ya Seen – Kaaf Haa Ya Ain Suaad – Qaaf – Noon – Alif Laam Meem Suaad – Ha Meem Ain Seen Qaaf

There are people who have tried to explain these verses and one such example is Rashad Khalifa who has tried to give the date of the Day of Judgment using these verses. The sayings of Prophet Muhammad (may upon him be mercy of Allah and peace) agree that these are the verses the meaning of whom are unknown as the verse above states. Applying the verse above to the case of Prophet Issa (peace be upon him) is extremely unwise and a appears to be deliberate attempt to make differences among the Muslim Ummah. The matter is very clear as this entire article explains.

Such people claim that if anyone deserved such a special treatment of being raised up alive, then it was our beloved Prophet Muhammad (may upon him be mercy of Allah and peace). This is a similar trick used by some Christians, i.e. get emotional and make excuses such as “I have faith”.

Allah, in the Qur’an, has answered this claim.

The likeness of Issa in Allah’s sight is the same as Adam (3:59).

Why wasn’t it Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) instead?

A man was resurrected after one hundred years (2:259). Why wasn’t it Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) instead?

“Companions of the Cave” were awakened after many years(18:10-11, 18-19, 25-26).Why wasn’t it Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) instead?

Other people have also received similar treatment and if one argues that Prophet Issa (peace be upon him) is receiving special treatment, then he/she must look at these verses and step out of this “faith” excuse!

These death theorists also argue that when Issa (peace be upon him) will speak to Allah on the Day of Judgment with these words, “… when you took me back, you were watching over them…” why doesn’t he clearly say “…when you took me back, then sent me to earth and then took me back again…”? This is a poor question and nothing else. Empty vessels make the loudest noise. He is a prophet of Allah and will not speak uselessly or when not required. Issa (peace be upon him) will reply to Allah Almighty to the question asked to him and will not speak more than what is required of him. Standing in front of Allah Almighty would be the greatest moment and even according to common sense, one is unlikely to deliberately act unwise as these claimants of death hope one to be.


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