A sign for all mankind

Further, we read in the Qur’an about Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him)’s high status, we see that he did not die and will return.


21:91- And (remember) her who guarded her chastity: We breathed into her of Our spirit, and We made her and her son a sign for all peoples.


This verse can have different interpretations and they will not be touched here in much detail as all may be correct but deniers will still deny and argue that theirs’ is the only correct one. The signs of Lady Marium (peace be upon her) are that she is the best woman and gave birth while still being a virgin (two signs!). The signs for Prophet Issa (peace be upon him) are that he was born to a virgin and will return (two signs!). A very childish argument was once made by rejecters regarding this sign. A verse from the Qur’an was presented which showed that Prophet Nooh (peace be upon him) is also a sign for mankind. After presenting this verse, it was asked sarcastically whether he would also return. A sign does not refer to returning, it is the people who have to identify the signs and the signs of Prophet Nooh (peace be upon him) have clearly been mentioned in the Qur’an; he is the second father of the world (first one being Adam) and another sign was the flood. “The sign” in the verse speaks of singular people but does not limit the signs. Interestingly, two reasons have been identified for each sign mentioned by God.





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